about us

about us

Scouting is a rewarding and welcoming experience, regardless of your age, gender, or any previous experience in the global Scouting movement.

School age children can join a local group and enjoy a journey of up to 20 years through the different sections, which each have their own age-appropriate activities and colour-coded uniforms. Youth are welcome to join at any age between 5 and 25.

Leaders help young members through their transition up to the next section, taking into account the child’s development and maturity for the move. We want the members to be excited about stepping up and ready to take on the next challenge.

Enthusiastic Adult Leaders are always welcome too. No previous Scouting experience is needed.

All Sections welcome new youth to a 3 week trial period. Come and join in the fun.

Please feel free to contact the section or group leader for more information.

(must have started school)
Thursday 5:30pm to 6:30pmHeidi "Wombat" Bell
0418 373 178
CUB SCOUTS8 to 11Thursday 7.00pm to 8.30pmKaren "Akela" Wade
0421 499 053
SCOUTS11 to 15Wednesday 7.00.pm to 9.00pmBen Williams
0408 542 696
VENTURER SCOUTS15 to 18Friday 7.30pm to 9.30pmKimberley "Kimba" Hughes
0437 956 983
Friday or as arrangedGlen Hawksworth
0417 583 921

Sections are supported by the Group Leader/s and our Group Committee. The Group Committee is made up of non-uniformed adults who give up their time to provide the valuable admin support an organisation requires to run smoothly.

GROUP LEADERLea Young0419 149 487
ASSISTANT GROUP LEADERDaniel "Banjo" Tanner0401 431 076